Pastel geometry – jewelry DIY


I love minimal looking jewelry, with minimal colors. Air dry clay looks a good idea for a little craft, if you want to make your own jewelry. The ultra light clay is very easy to work with, it’s like the process when you cutter cookies before baking. You can find in a craft store nearby or online a lot of tools which help you to work with the clay and make more beautiful items.

I’m not good in maths, so please understand this tutorial is the most what you can expect from me in geometry! Don’t worry, this one is based on shapes but no numbers! That wouldn’t be me. At all.



  • air dry clay
  • clay tools, clay knife (I use a simply, old one, from the kitchen)
  • silicone rolling-pin
  • polisher
  • dart tools
  • picker
  • acrylic paint in pastel colors
  • brush
  • chain and jewelry making tools (jump rings, necklace closure, jewelry side cutters, needle nose pliers, and round nose pliers)

I show you the process of making.


Prepare the supplies and make some free space on your kitchen table. Roll out your clay about 4 mm thick and cut out your favorite geometrical shapes: round, triangle etc. I didn’t measure anything just went with the flow.:) For the round shape I used a cookie cutter. Because I made medals and necklaces – I needed holes in the clay medals – I used a picker to make holes. I polished the medals a little bit for the smooth surface with a polisher (it’s like a sponge).





After cutting, let the clay dry or use a microwave – like I did. Please read the instruction on the package of the clay, because there are a lot of different type of clay in the shops and some of them is allowed to bake, some not. Make sure which one you use!

For me the best working clay is the light, air dry clay which works with microwave baking. It took only a couple of minutes; I don’t need to wait one day for drying. And I don’t have good memories about baking the clay in my oven.


Let’s make colors! I used rose, sage, and yellow acrylic paints. After drying seal with glaze if you want to, I didn’t use glaze because in this case I like the mat, pastel surface.



Make jewelry – here comes all the jewelry making tool – we need chain, jump rings at first. Put the rings in the hole, and close it when you put on the chain. I don’t write about how long chain you need to use, because it’s absolute up to you. If you like the long necklaces use a long one like I did and use silver and nonallergic chain, rings and closure so you can surprise with the necklace anyone – who – you think going to like it.




The outcome is a great, unique piece, I’m absolutely satisfied with it.

Have a great day!


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