Sky-high clouds…

Rainy days screams for a good movie on a comfy couch – this is what I like. Funny pillows are my favorite, but this time I think I will give away them for my little friend, who’s room also inspired me to sew something blue . It’s big enough – the pillow – to sit on that on the floor while he is playing or he can take it to the bed also.

I almost forgot to mention that I made cloud shaped pillow. Actually, two of them.

I had some hand painted, white material – which I colored with the shibori technique, but I didn’t like that much how it turned out, so I decided to pimp it – or use it like one layer in a sewing project. It’s not looking bad, but need something to mix with. So it’s perfect for the back of the pillow.



What I used to make this project?

. Grey material and blue one

. Scissors or a rotary cutter

. Cloud shape paper in a size you like

. Stuffing material

. Sewing machine and supplies (pins, needle, thread)

. Brush and textile paint



Wash the fabrics before you start to cut and sew them. Then iron them and cut the cloud shape – use the paper template as help.












I made two different size, for the bigger one I used the big cloud as a template, just made it a little bit bigger.





Stitch together the two sides and use the sewing machine. Don’t sew them together like every point, because the filling material has to go inside of the two layer. Just leave a little hole.





To personalize the pillow and make it a little bit like it’s coming from a cartoon – I painted some raindrops on the grey cloud – because that one is a cumulonimbus. To make it more fit to a kid room I used phosporescent painting on the rain drops. Just right after the textile paint dried. Fix the paint with ironing on the inside.












Put the stuffing between the two layers. Finish the stitches. You’re ready!:)









If you feel great about making pillows,  make one with a rainbow and one with the sun is shining on. The opportunity is infinity. 🙂

Thanks to read my DIY.

Have a happy day! R.

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