Wedding invitations – in the making

I started this blog, and the website also for the reason I wanted to make wedding invitations, and invitations for any occasion. Now is the time, when I can present the first one, and I’m so happy.

This invitation is about the greenery – the colors I like and the theme is close to me as well.

You can find a lot of style of any kind of invitation on the web, but I think every other is special in some way.

Why is it (my design) something else, and not like the others?

I thought a lot about what is making my work something else than others, and that is my handwriting of course, and my painting style, so the big part of the style of the invitations is coming from me, further I use regular fonts from my computer of course, but the unique part is absolute my “fingerprint”.

I started to learn calligraphy a couple years ago, and I got infected – it’s like therapy for me, because I have to concentrate so strongly – this process is cleaning my head and gave me the flow.

I hope you like it, because I feel I found my path already, but I have to learn a lot, like every day is a challenge, but this one I really love, and I enjoy the journey.

If you like my style and you have questions, write me in the comment below or send me an e-mail to the








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