Trends for spring and inspiration

Just a quick visit here…

Spring is just around the corner, even if we still have a snow coat in Budapest. 🙂

But all I see behind my closed eyes is flowers and happy birds and sun.:) Last days I was searching for new styles for wedding invitations. I checked what’s trendy this year: minimal, elegant with some pop color, watercolor is still on the top, but what I was really looking for?

Actually, I like just surfin’ on Pinterest – especially when I’m looking for inspiration. I have a lot of boards and like to collect ideas which leads me to another. What happens a lot, that I want to try a lot of design, but I don’t believe in coping art. Because it’s impossible.

I know there are a lot of people who thinks – some artist are stealing stuffs from others – but I think in these days, when you see on the social media new designs and ideas in every seconds – there is not even exist the stealing situation. If you put something out there – you give it to others – you give the opportunity to someone’s hand – than yes, she or he can make it too. Even if is just for fun or for produce to sell or anything.

I don’t think it’s great or awesome, if someone ‘steal’ something it’s never nice. So if we put something on Instagram – an artwork – then we have to accept that maybe other people are going to paint the same too, or even sell it later. It is a race – the faster is the winner. Everything is about ‘reaching your tribe’ and make the best about it.

I’m not that cruel and bitter sweet … 🙂

I still believe in inspire people, making friends, find each others – who has the same interest and ‘feed’ why we follow each other. I find every day amazing artist and people on social media, and making new opportunities for me (as a friend) and inspiration for my brand.

It’s a new rule and situation – we have to learn how to work and balance with it. (Somethimes I feel, maybe I’m just too old for social media. :))

So back to the real topic – sorry for the bit of a bend here – and connect to the copied artworks – I made a little collage from the springish wedding invitations from Pinterest. My favorite is the yellow everything these days- so more blog post coming soon. 🙂

Which one is your favorite? Let’s take a look from all these beautiful inspirational papergoods.

Only ink
Botanical black and white
Simply amazing italic


Watercolor greenery
Amazing watercolor
Pastel roses
Minimal black and white
Modern grey
Forest in the fairy tale


To browse my boards, visit: Pinterest Studio Reta

Have a nice day!


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