Trends for spring and inspiration

Just a quick visit here…

Spring is just around the corner, even if we still have a snow coat in Budapest. πŸ™‚

But all I see behind my closed eyes is flowers and happy birds and sun.:) Last days I was searching for new styles for wedding invitations. I checked what’s trendy this year: minimal, elegant with some pop color, watercolor is still on the top, but what I was really looking for?

Actually, I like just surfin’ on Pinterest – especially when I’m looking for inspiration. I have a lot of boards and like to collect ideas which leads me to another. What happens a lot, that I want to try a lot of design, but I don’t believe in coping art. Because it’s impossible.

I know there are a lot of people who thinks – some artist are stealing stuffs from others – but I think in these days, when you see on the social media new designs and ideas in every seconds – there is not even exist the stealing situation. If you put something out there – you give it to others – you give the opportunity to someone’s hand – than yes, she or he can make it too. Even if is just for fun or for produce to sell or anything.

I don’t think it’s great or awesome, if someone ‘steal’ something it’s never nice. So if we put something on Instagram – an artwork – then we have to accept that maybe other people are going to paint the same too, or even sell it later. It is a race – the faster is the winner. Everything is about ‘reaching your tribe’ and make the best about it.

I’m not that cruel and bitter sweet … πŸ™‚

I still believe in inspire people, making friends, find each others – who has the same interest and ‘feed’ why we follow each other. I find every day amazing artist and people on social media, and making new opportunities for me (as a friend) and inspiration for my brand.

It’s a new rule and situation – we have to learn how to work and balance with it. (Somethimes I feel, maybe I’m just too old for social media. :))

So back to the real topic – sorry for the bit of a bend here – and connect to the copied artworks – I made a little collage from the springish wedding invitations from Pinterest. My favorite is the yellow everything these days- so more blog post coming soon. πŸ™‚

Which one is your favorite? Let’s take a look from all these beautiful inspirational papergoods.

Only ink
Botanical black and white
Simply amazing italic


Watercolor greenery
Amazing watercolor
Pastel roses
Minimal black and white
Modern grey
Forest in the fairy tale


To browse my boards, visit: Pinterest Studio Reta

Have a nice day!


Friendsgiving – DIY table setting

Before the last leaves falling down, I wanted to preserve something about them. I’m not a big fan of this late autumn, but let’s make a pleasure about it.

This post is about a DIY idea for the table and also a recipe.

I collected a lot of nice and good looking leaves from the garden, and made an autumn inspired collection of textile napkins.


What do you need for that?

  • textile material – type and color is your decision, I used a grey, cotton one
  • collected leaves
  • textile paint
  • brush



Choose the material and cut two 20×26 cm piece of that, if you buy some simple textile napkin – that is perfect also.


Paint your favorite leaf on the back. Just put on a small layer with a color you picked. I used a simple black one for my grey napkins to make it a little elegant, and variable. Repeat it as many as you like.


Let them dry then iron them on the back side to fix the paint and like this you don’t have to worry about washing them in a washing machine.


Your ready, let’s start cooking!:)


SpagettiΒ  with a tuna salsa – in a way I love

(I won’t write measurements – ask me in the comment if you would like to know, but most of the time I make it just how it’s feel. Important that you need to taste step by step and change the ingrediance the way you like.)

For the sauce:

  • canned, chopped tuna in olive oil 2X
  • canned tomato souce
  • water
  • salt, pepper, rosemary, oregano, basil
  • onion
  • garlic
  • carrot
  • coconut oil


Cut the half of the onion in small pieces and sear in a pen with a little bit of coconut oil. After a couple of minutes add the garlic (small pieces) and the two can of tuna and the chopped carrot. Mix with the spices and after searing a minute – stream with the tomato sauce. Wait until it’s boiling and stop cooking. If you feel that is not enough spicy add some more. If the tomato souce/salsa is not fluid enough add some water or some cream to the mixture. I always use some non – diary version like nut or rise “milk”.

With a bowl of pasta this could be a fine, cosy dinner.

Bon appetit!

I hope you don’t mind this freelancer kind of recipe, like this way it’s just more enjoyable and more fun to make a food.

















Wedding invitations – in the making

I started this blog, and the website also for the reason I wanted to make wedding invitations, and invitations for any occasion. Now is the time, when I can present the first one, and I’m so happy.

This invitation is about the greenery – the colors I like and the theme is close to me as well.

You can find a lot of style of any kind of invitation on the web, but I think every other is special in some way.

Why is it (my design) something else, and not like the others?

I thought a lot about what is making my work something else than others, and that is my handwriting of course, and my painting style, so the big part of the style of the invitations is coming from me, further I use regular fonts from my computer of course, but the unique part is absolute my “fingerprint”.

I started to learn calligraphy a couple years ago, and I got infected – it’s like therapy for me, because I have to concentrate so strongly – this process is cleaning my head and gave me the flow.

I hope you like it, because I feel I found my path already, but I have to learn a lot, like every day is a challenge, but this one I really love, and I enjoy the journey.

If you like my style and you have questions, write me in the comment below or send me an e-mail to the








Sky-high clouds…

Rainy days screams for a good movie on a comfy couch – this is what I like. Funny pillows are my favorite, but this time I think I will give away them for my little friend, who’s room also inspired me to sew something blue . It’s big enough – the pillow – to sit on that on the floor while he is playing or he can take it to the bed also.

I almost forgot to mention that I made cloud shaped pillow. Actually, two of them.

I had some hand painted, white material – which I colored with the shibori technique, but I didn’t like that much how it turned out, so I decided to pimp it – or use it like one layer in a sewing project. It’s not looking bad, but need something to mix with. So it’s perfect for the back of the pillow.



What I used to make this project?

. Grey material and blue one

. Scissors or a rotary cutter

. Cloud shape paper in a size you like

. Stuffing material

. Sewing machine and supplies (pins, needle, thread)

. Brush and textile paint



Wash the fabrics before you start to cut and sew them. Then iron them and cut the cloud shape – use the paper template as help.












I made two different size, for the bigger one I used the big cloud as a template, just made it a little bit bigger.





Stitch together the two sides and use the sewing machine. Don’t sew them together like every point, because the filling material has to go inside of the two layer. Just leave a little hole.





To personalize the pillow and make it a little bit like it’s coming from a cartoon – I painted some raindrops on the grey cloud – because that one is a cumulonimbus. To make it more fit to a kid room I used phosporescent painting on the rain drops. Just right after the textile paint dried. Fix the paint with ironing on the inside.












Put the stuffing between the two layers. Finish the stitches. You’re ready!:)









If you feel great about making pillows,Β  make one with a rainbow and one with the sun is shining on. The opportunity is infinity. πŸ™‚

Thanks to read my DIY.

Have a happy day! R.

All about dots …

DSCN0967 - Copy


Earlier I wrote about how I made triangle necklaces and to keep the balance in life ( oh, yeah ) I decided to work with round elements – the feminine symbols – in the next post.

Clay – again, cookie cutter – again and let’s do it! Again! πŸ™‚


Roll out the clay – cut it with cookie cutter, or be creative and use something else which has the perfect size and shape. I used a plastic, round shape thing – what is the leftover when you use all the yarn from the roll. Make small holes if you are going to make a medal for a jewelry or if you prefer to make a gift tag.


Let them dry.


Painting. I use acrylic paint in pastel colors, but you can decide which color do you like.


Let them dry.


< If you make a JEWELRY

You need chain, jump rings at first. Put the rings in the hole, and close it when you put them in the chain. I don’t write about how long chain you need to use, because it’s absolut up to you. If you like the long necklaces use a long one like I did and use silver and non- allergic chain, rings and closure so you can surprise with the necklace anyone – who – you think going to like it.

DSCN0968 - Copy







< If you make dot MAGNETS





Use a double sided glue for the magnets – which has dots shapes also – and stick together the magnets and the clay dot. It works perfectly for the fridge door to leave funny messages on it. πŸ™‚

< If you make NAME TAGS





You can write names or messages on the tags for any occasion. See the holes on the dots and stitch/lace ribbons or strip.







Place mat in travelling style – DIY

I really love place mats, because they easily pimp the style of your kitchen or a dining table and easy to remove them if you use a table as I do – like a workplace.:) A rarely use tablecloth – so this place mat looks like the perfect thing between using nothing on the table and overdo.

If you follow me on Instagram, or saw my brand somewhere in the internet world – you know my style is little bit minimal, travel lover, adventurer, bohemian, beach style – so I choose a matching material when I started to think about this idea.


I choose a map printed fabric to make my travel inspiration for the table.:)


  • printed fabric, by your choice – I used 100% cotton
  • another fabric for the back of the place mats
  • cotton batting for the middle
  • sewing machine
  • straight pins
  • pen
  • large bowl – I used a fruit bowl because of the shape and the size
  • cutting mat
  • rotary cutter



Wash your fabrics first, because they going to shrink a little, then dry and iron them. The cotton battling is the exception – you don’t need to wash that.


Lay out your materials step by step, use the fruit bowl as a measure tool and draw a line around the bowl with the fabric pen. Do this with all the fabrics. After you have to cut them. For me it’s easier to use a cutting mat and a rotary cutter than work with scissors.




Put the layers together: so that your bottom layer, cotton batting, bottom layerΒ and top layer turned around are all stacked on top of each other and smoothed out carefully so that there are no large wrinkles. You have to iron the bottom layer and the cotton batting together. They stick together.

I’m going to sew them almost round BUT LEAVE A LITTLE HOLE and after you can turn the material inside out. With hand stitches you can finish the sewing – this can be a little bit tricky, but it is going to worth it, so don’t give up! πŸ™‚


And here we go, let’s serve a little snack and make conversation about bucket list – where to travel next.

I hope you make that too, and show me on instagram, use #studioretadiy! Have a great day! πŸ™‚ R.






Pastel geometry – jewelry DIY


I love minimal looking jewelry, with minimal colors. Air dry clay looks a good idea for a little craft, if you want to make your own jewelry. The ultra light clay is very easy to work with, it’s like the process when you cutter cookies before baking. You can find in a craft store nearby or online a lot of tools which help you to work with the clay and make more beautiful items.

I’m not good in maths, so please understand this tutorial is the most what you can expect from me in geometry! Don’t worry, this one is based on shapes but no numbers! That wouldn’t be me. At all.



  • air dry clay
  • clay tools, clay knife (I use a simply, old one, from the kitchen)
  • silicone rolling-pin
  • polisher
  • dart tools
  • picker
  • acrylic paint in pastel colors
  • brush
  • chain and jewelry making tools (jump rings, necklace closure, jewelry side cutters, needle nose pliers, and round nose pliers)

I show you the process of making.


Prepare the supplies and make some free space on your kitchen table. Roll out your clay about 4 mm thick and cut out your favorite geometrical shapes: round, triangle etc. I didn’t measure anything just went with the flow.:) For the round shape I used a cookie cutter. Because I made medals and necklaces – I needed holes in the clay medals – I used a picker to make holes. I polished the medals a little bit for the smooth surface with a polisher (it’s like a sponge).





After cutting, let the clay dry or use a microwave – like I did. Please read the instruction on the package of the clay, because there are a lot of different type of clay in the shops and some of them is allowed to bake, some not. Make sure which one you use!

For me the best working clay is the light, air dry clay which works with microwave baking. It took only a couple of minutes; I don’t need to wait one day for drying. And I don’t have good memories about baking the clay in my oven.


Let’s make colors! I used rose, sage, and yellow acrylic paints. After drying seal with glaze if you want to, I didn’t use glaze because in this case I like the mat, pastel surface.



Make jewelry – here comes all the jewelry making tool – we need chain, jump rings at first. Put the rings in the hole, and close it when you put on the chain. I don’t write about how long chain you need to use, because it’s absolute up to you. If you like the long necklaces use a long one like I did and use silver and nonallergic chain, rings and closure so you can surprise with the necklace anyone – who – you think going to like it.




The outcome is a great, unique piece, I’m absolutely satisfied with it.

Have a great day!